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Annyeonghaseyo. Welcome to my blog . Do follow . :) I'm sorry if I do many mistakes :) I'm kpopper and please be respect me . :D


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Result For My Mid-Year Exam & Thanks for the Gift :)

Assalamualaikum and  Annyeonghaseyo ! I'm so happy today . That's why I joined many segment today . Haha . Yess ! I'm in good mood today . I just want to tell everyone about my result . A few days ago , I had a mid-year exams . Yeahh , I just got 3A2B . Yeah , not bad right ? I will study hard . I also would liked to thanked  my friends for the birthday gifts . I like it so much .  For Lystra Lily , Thanks for the header . I like it . :)  That's all for today . Sorry because of my English . I still work hard for that . Who can teach me English ? Haha . Just joking . This is first time I write this entry in English language . I'm so happy . I just want to improve my English . I will do the best in other exam :) Wish me gud luck ! :D Byee !!